BQM Real Estate Investment is a leading owner and developer in the Brooklyn, New York real estate market with extensive experience in the industry. Our unique strategy involves carefully selecting properties in established and upcoming neighborhoods in Brooklyn and adding value through construction to achieve maximum returns on investment. Our focus on cost-effective income improvement, excellent project management, and high levels of occupancy through effective property management ensures satisfied residents and favorable returns for investors, as well as satisfaction among our buyers.

What sets BQM apart from other real estate investment companies in Brooklyn is our ability to recognize promising investments and secure them at low budgets with fast turnaround times. Our in-house expertise, combined with strong connections with industry players, provides our investors with a unique opportunity for exceptional returns on investment.

At BQM, we are committed to daily involvement in our development and construction projects to ensure the highest level of quality. Our experience in cost-effective value engineering adds value to the final product, and our dedication to quality has resulted in a proven track record of success. With our commitment to excellence, BQM Real Estate Investment is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the dynamic Brooklyn, New York real estate market.

Nir BenHorin

Nir BenHorin, the founder of BQM Real Estate, has over a decade of experience in the New York City real estate market. He has been flipping houses since 2010, and from 2010 to 2018 he founded and managed a real estate brokerage. Nir has a certificate in development from NYU University and a proven track record in new developments since 2014.

Nir believes in taking a proactive approach to real estate investment, always striving to anticipate market trends and capitalize on untapped potential. His expertise has led to numerous successful accomplishments, establishing BQM Real Estate as a respected player in the Brooklyn real estate market.

Overall, Nir’s leadership skills, dedication to excellence, and expertise in real estate investment make him a valuable asset to BQM Real Estate and an excellent choice for investors seeking smart investment opportunities in the Brooklyn real estate market.

Dor Goldstein

Dor is a managing partner of BQM Real Estate .Started his Real Estate career back in 2014 ,on the west coast and then moved to New Jersey and New York ,Dor has completed many  successful projects with great returns for his team and investors alike .Dor oversees BQM investor relationship as well as day-to-day business operation and activities of the company ,with emphasis on construction and development project implementation and execution . He has  continuously forged long term relationship with investors.Because of this ,he has establish himself as a key player in the BQM team  .

Amit Schilgi

Amit is a managing member of BQM Real Estate ,He is a graduated Project Management Professional (PMP) with a B.A. in Business and Management from Technion Israel Institute of Technology .He has formally served in the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a Manager of Security Team and Operation ,and bring up many of these skills to help BQM achieve excellent results with emphasis on new development operation.In recent years Amit had managed many small to large construction residential project, and he is an important player in the BQM team.