BQM Real Estate Investment is a fast growing real estate owner and developer in the industry, focused on investments in New York City.

Founded in 2005by its leaders Nir Ben Horin and Idan Arie, BQM started to renovate single family and multi-family houses and has gained experience over the years in constructing and developing high quality houses and buildings across the metropolitan area of New York City.

BQM Real Estate is cognisant of the fact that New York City is not only one of the most dynamic international markets but is also continually the leading investment hub both in the US and in the global arena. With this in mind, the Company is focused on acquiring more properties in theMetro New York area and invest in assets with a commitment to create high quality developments and pursue investments in the NewYork City market to yield profitable results from these ventures. This is done through stringent analyzation of different factors (such as market environment and trends) that affect investment strategies. Thus, the Company is constantly monitoring fluctuations and activities in different neighbourhoods in Metro New York, and steers its ventures accordingly.


A real estate development and investment firm based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in acquisition, construction and development of residential and commercial properties in New York City.


BQM Real Estate Investment seeks to maximize value in every step of the development process–from planning to sourcing to construction. We implement a rigorous management strategy and control all aspects in-house.