Nir BenHorin

Nir is the CEO and co-founder of BQM Real Estate, and is responsible behind the vision and ideals of the company. Backed by more than 10 years of experience in New York City Real Estate, Nir oversees BQM’s investor relationships and business functions with concentration on property development and acquisition, corporate strategies, business development, capital marketing activities and risk assessment. Nir has successfully created a dynamic and collaborative working environment within his team, and has maintained outstanding relationships with investors and clients alike. Driven by his inherent motivation for excellence, the company has thrived under his leadership and continues to encompass a wide range of successful accomplishments.

Idan Arie

With over 15 years immersed in the New York City real estate market, Idan Arie, managing partner at BQM Real Estate, is not only a beacon of expertise but also a driving force behind the company’s success. While his specialties span Investor Relations, Sales, and Acquisitions, Idan also takes the helm in Residents Relations, ensuring those who call BQM properties home receive unparalleled care and attention.

Beyond mere transactions, Idan believes in the power of relationships. Whether it’s clients, investors, residents, or partners, he dedicates himself to cultivating bonds that last. This relationship-first approach, fused with his adeptness in management, has proven invaluable in navigating BQM Real Estate’s trajectory within Brooklyn’s dynamic property market.

Idan’s profound understanding of market shifts, combined with his talent for anticipating opportunities, places BQM Real Estate consistently ahead of the curve. Whether it’s management, market insights, or fostering relationships, Idan’s multifaceted expertise anchors him as an irreplaceable asset in the vibrant tapestry of NYC real estate.